ZAZ10TS Founder Tzili Charney with featured artist Aya Ben Ron

ZAZ10TS partnered with the Leon Charney Resolution Center and worked with the Israeli artist Cherkassky-Nnadi to create the logo for the #Moonhug.
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The Moonhug Project
The Moonhug project, led by Tzili Charney from Israel, and the American nonprofit, the Arch Mission Foundation, will grant everyone the opportunity to send their memories to the moon. Additional details regarding the the Moonhug initative and the Lunar Library can be accessed at www.jointhehug.com and www.archmission.org


About Zoya Cherkassky-Nnadi
Born in the former USSR, Zoya Cherkassky-Nnadi now lives and works in Tel Aviv. Cherkassky's recent drawings are characterized by reducing her political caricatures to a minimum, along with the abandoning of her typical sarcastic tone that so frequently accompanied her previous works. Despite this, Cherkassky's works are not free of a political statement but rather have taken a more sophisticated and mature approach and are now more subtle, replacing her "in-your-face" effect. 

Cherkassky– Nnadi is also a co- founder of the “New Barbizon”, a group of artists, all formerly from the former USSR who left the studio and its mediation and in the tradition of the first school, depict life by a direct encounter, thus coming back to the realities of their surrounding in a new and fascinating way.

For more information, please visit rg.co.il/artist/zoya-cherkassky


Apollo 11 50th Anniversary Celebration

Times Square, New York , July 20, 2019

On July 20th, 1969, Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin landed on the moon.

Fifty years later, ZAZ10TS, #moonhug, Champs Sports, The Arch Mission Foundation, and Genius 100 join The Aldrin Family Foundation and The People's Moon in celebrating Apollo's 50th anniversary!

Here’s a glimpse of the celebrations that took place in Times Square, New York.

2019.07.20_Apollo 50 Anniversary-1001_sm.jpg