July 11  to  September 4,  2018

1441 Broadway, New York, NY 10018

Curated by Tamar Dresdner
Organized by Tzili Charney

ZAZ10TS is pleased to present an exhibition of lint on canvas works by London-based artist Sara Berman (b.1975) opening July 11 and on view through September 2018 in the new lobby space at 10 Times Square (aka 1441 Broadway). Titled Between Community and Commerce , the exhibition presents works that explore Berman’s interest in repetition, textiles and patterning, in addition to her deeply held curiosity in social and cultural signifiers, in this case the intimacy of the body in a world of consumption and commerce.

In collaborating with ZAZ10TS, Berman seeks to highlight the communal aspect of this new body of work. The use of the lobby at 10 Times Square—a public space which leads through the center of New York to the Fashion District, the home of so many globalized manufacturing decision makers—is for Berman a fitting showcase for a work which centers on the intimacy of the body in a world of mass consumption and commerce.

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Sara Berman: Between Community and Commerce Exhibition at 10 Times Square New York, 2018 © ZAZ10TS, photo by Zdravko Cota.

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Individual Art Work

Sara Berman, Lint Sweater, 2018, lint on canvas. 34.x2 x 25.1 in (87 x 64 cm). Courtesy of the artist.