Curated by Tamar Dresdner | July 11 - September 4, 2018 | Opening Reception: Wednesday, July 11, 6-8 PM

 Sara Berman,  Lint Sweater 1, 2018 , lint on canvas. 34.x2 x 25.1 in (87 x 64 cm). Courtesy the artist and ZAZ10TS.

Sara Berman, Lint Sweater 1, 2018, lint on canvas. 34.x2 x 25.1 in (87 x 64 cm). Courtesy the artist and ZAZ10TS.

NEW YORK–NY—ZAZ10TS is pleased to present an exhibition of lint on canvas works by London-based artist Sara Berman (b.1975) opening July 11 and on view through September 2018 in the new lobby space at 10 Times Square (aka 1441 Broadway). Titled Between Community and Commerce, the exhibition presents works that explore Berman’s interest in repetition, textiles and patterning, in addition to her deeply held curiosity in social and cultural signifiers, in this case the intimacy of the body in a world of consumption and commerce.

Berman, formerly a fashion designer, holds a strong affinity for fabrics, matter and clothing. Her interest in lint as a medium began after an experiment with denim caused her domestic dryer to break, leaving her with a large handful of blue lint which subsequently caught her imagination. She began to ask friends and fellow students to bring her their lint, and each day, would be handed a ball of their “personal detritus”. Caught by the intimacy of this “byproduct of cleanliness” and by the body memory inherent in it, Berman was led to further experimentations at a local London dry cleaners with large industrial machines. There, a pattern emerged of the larger machines wielding sizeable unbroken swathes of lint, which appeared to present consistently to the artist in the form of a one-dimensional sweater.  

As Berman states “this ready-made was fascinating to me. Not least because each lint was the result of multiple drying cycles…of numerous people, and the textile fibers were the result of a number of different garments, made in various places around the world. In essence, what started as the collection of fluff from the bodies of people I know had become an ironic ready-made of a garment consisting of the waste from the bodies of many people stretching across the globe. The ritualistic cleanliness of my immediate environment was essentially remaking itself into a global expression of commerce, community and abject beauty.”

In collaborating with ZAZ10TS Berman seeks to highlight the communal aspect of this new body of work. The use of the lobby at 10 Times Square—a public space which leads through the center of New York to the Fashion District, the home of so many globalized manufacturing decision makers—is for Berman a fitting showcase for a work which centers on the intimacy of the body in a world of mass consumption and commerce.

SARA BERMAN: Between Community and Commerce is curated by Tamar Dresdner and organized by Tzili Charney as part of ZAZ10TS.

About the artist
Sara Berman (b.1975) lives and works in London; she completed her MFA at Slade School of Art, UCL in June 2016 where she was awarded a distinction and the Audrey Wykeham prize for painting. Previously Berman worked as a fashion designer and consultant. After studying fashion design at Central Saint Martins, she founded her eponymous fashion brand and worked as a design consultant to a variety of fashion and design companies. A long and deeply held interest in the conversation between design, commerce and identity informs her artistic practice. She has most recently exhibited at Sapar Contemporary, New York (2017); Royal Academy Summer Exhibition, London (2017); Galerie Huit, Hong Kong (2017), and Gallery 46, London (2016).

Between Community and Commerce follows the artist’s upcoming Summer 2018 at Anat Ebgi Gallery, Los Angeles.

About the curator
Tamar Dresdner is an independent curator based in Tel Aviv, Israel. She has curated numerous exhibitions including Andreas Golinski solo show Remains (2011); Barbara Probst solo show What Really Happened (2012); No Such Street in Haifa, Haifa Museum, Haifa (2013); Food Chain Project, Special Projects, Expo Chicago, Chicago (2017); Batia Shani, Volta, New York (2017); among others. Dresdner also curated video works by African artists including Nadipha Mntambo, Lawrence Lemaoana and Mary Sibande among others for 24:7— ZAZ10TS’ first public art initiative. She was the cofounder and managing partner of Tavi Dresdner Gallery Tel Aviv (2006-2011), and curator of the Canit Corporate Art Collection, Tel Aviv prior. She has been curator of the Norman Hotel Art Collection, Tel Aviv since 2011. Dresdner began her career at the Institute of Contemporary Art, Boston and holds a BA in Political Science and an MA in Art History from Tel Aviv University.

About ZAZ10TS
ZAZ10TS is an ongoing cultural initiative that integrates art into the office building at 10 Times Square (aka 1441 Broadway) in New York City. Conceived by Tzili Charney, ZAZ10TS employs the building’s façade, lobby interior and immediate environment to bring art and culture to the building’s community, visitors and passersby. ZAZ10TS takes pride in scouting and showcasing young and emerging talent, as well as special needs artists, as part of its programming. @zaz10ts

Image: Sara Berman, Lint Sweater 1, 2018, lint on canvas. 34.x2 x 25.1 in (87 x 64 cm). Courtesy the artist and ZAZ10TS.

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Press Release: Launch of "24:7" on billboard at the corner of 41st and Broadway
(December 4, 2017) New York, NY - An international consortium of artists has taken over a new billboard at the corner of 41st St and Broadway. The first in a series of initiatives by producer Tzili Charney, “24:7” is a round-the-clock video art performance testing the power of the medium to meaningfully engage the public.
“24:7” takes place under the auspices of ZAZ 10TS, an art environment at the soon to be completed 10 Times Square, which intends to blur the line between public and private space to bring art to passers-by. Charney advocates for "art as a way of life, built into buildings" and is thrilled to launch this exciting first project in such a dynamic urban space. 

“24:7” is produced by Tzili Charney and ZAZ 10TS and is organized by Artis, Ayelet Danielle Aldouby, Tzili Charney, Danspace Project, Tamar Dresdner, Tamar Ettun and Naomi Lev. Works appearing courtesy of Artis and Danspace Project are marked accordingly. Below, please find the full list of participating artists.  

Lior Shvil
Malin Abrahamsson
Martin Kersels (Danspace Project)
Mary Sibande
Melinda Ring (Danspace Project)
Micha Ullman (Artis)
Michael Druks (Artis)
Miri Nishri (Artis)
Mocke J van Veuren
Moshe Gershuni (Artis)
Nandipha Mntambo
Native Maqari
Nelisiwe Xaba
Nir Evron (Artis)
Noa Yekutieli
Ohad Fishof
Orit Ben-Shitrit
Ran Slavin
Rona Yefman
Sharon Balaban
Simon Rouby
Tali Keren
Tamar Ettun
Tora López
Uri Dotan
Uri Katzenstein
Yael Bartana (Artis)
Yair BarakYair Garbuz (Artis)

Amy Khoshbin                                     
André M. Zachery (Danspace Project)
Antonia Wright
Avraham Eilat (Artis)
Ben Hagari
Benni Efrat (Artis)
Buky Schwartz (Artis)
Dana Levy
Deville Cohen
Dov Or-Ner(Artis)
Dominique Paul
Eden Auerbach Ofrat
Eiko Otake (Danspace Project)
Elinor Milchan
Eva Davidova
Franck Lesbros
Gil Yefman
Guy Ben Ner (Artis)
Hila Lulu Lin (Artis)
Irit Batsry (Artis)
Jessica Segall
Jonathan Ehrenberg
Joshua Neustein (Artis)
Keisha Scarville
Keziah Jones
Kristin McIver
Laura Bernstein
Lawrence Lemaoana | | @zaz10ts
General Mailing Address: Attention to Limei Wang, ZAZ 10TS, 1410 Broadway, Room 1905, New York, NY 10018